BRCC Offers First Paperboard Packaging Technology Program in the Country

Tue Dec 1, 2015 at 09:23 AM

Blue Ridge Community College is offering the first paperboard packaging technology program in North America beginning this fall. Paperboard packaging is a $9 billion industry that prints images on paper-based materials, which are then converted into commercial packaging. This growing industry needs motivated workers with advanced technology skills, and BRCC hopes this new program will prepare such individuals.

“The need for highly-skilled operators in the field of die cutting and gluing is on the rise, and as the job demand continues to expand, programs such as this will be critical in fostering the emergence of such talent,” explained Murry Pitts, President and CEO of Carded Graphics.

The career studies certificate in paperboard packaging technology provides an overview of the materials and processes used in the Paperboard and Corrugated Packaging Industry, and can be completed in just one year. Classes will cover the processes - from raw materials used to the finished products - with hands on training in die cutting and folding and gluing.  Classes will be held two days a week and will include facility tours and training, including an internship with an area business.

Local companies supporting this program include: Carded Graphics LLC, Packaging Corporation of America, Supply One, A.G. Stacker. Inc., and the InterChange Group, Inc.

For more information, contact Sarah Martin, Instructor of Paperboard Packaging Technology, 540.453.2317,