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Ahadu Yifru and Shaafan Alsindi

Fri Nov 18, 2016 at 07:33 PM

Ahadu Yifru and Shaafan AlsindiTurkey Trotters…

Friends don’t let friends miss a good Turkey Trot on a beautiful fall day! Ahadu and Shaafan met a couple of years ago at Blue Ridge and became “fast” friends. Although Shaafan joked that he did not predict a great performance before the race, the pair finished the Rec Center’s 4th Annual Turkey Trot in fine fashion. Ahadu came in second and Shaafan finished fourth on the 3-mile course in the 11:30 am race.

Thirty-eight students and employees participated overall.

Other winners

11:30 am: Julian Gaston, 1st, Ahadu Yifru, 2nd; Bridget Baylor 1st, Katie Newman 2nd.

12:45 pm: Steven King, 1st, Adam Ware, 2nd; Faison Dana, 1st, Maria Heerschap, 2nd.