Active Duty Military Personnel & Dependents

Virginia Residency

The military contract out-of-state rate applies to federal military installations located in Virginia. It allows the military contract rate to be charged to out-of-state domiciled military or civilian personnel stationed or working at these installations.

In accordance with Chapter 782, 2017 Acts of Assembly, the State Board for Community Colleges approved the Military Contract Rate to apply to any out-of-state active duty military personnel stationed outside of Virginia, and not domiciled in Virginia, whether the tuition is paid by the military employer or personally by the active duty military member.

Dependents of active duty military personnel who reside in Virginia shall be deemed to be domiciled in Virginia and receive the in-state tuition rate.

To see current tuition rates, please go to Tuition Rates and Fees.

If you recently applied to the college and the Admissions Application automatically assigned you as out-of-state, please email to get this changed.