Placement Testing

Placement testing helps determine if you're ready for college-level work in English and math. 

Exceptions to the Testing Policy

You can provide documentation for Placement Test Exceptions. Eligible test scores and transcripts must be within the last 5 years. 

  • Transcripts showing successful completion of College and/or High School English and/or Math classes (see academic advisor for further information
  • SAT: Scores 480+ in Reading & Writing; 530+ in Math. SAT tests taken prior to March 2016 must have a score of 500+ in Writing; 500+ in Reading.
  • ACT: Scores 18+ in English & Reading; 22+ in Math
  • GED: Scores 165+ in English; 155+ in Math

We must receive your official transcripts and/or test scores before you can register for English or math classes. Please submit official transcripts and/or test scores prior to your scheduled academic advising appointment. If you aren’t able to send transcripts to BRCC prior to your scheduled academic advising appointment, please bring the abovementioned documentation for Placement Test Exceptions to your appointment.

Who Should Take Placement Tests?

  • English and Math Placement Testing is required of all students enrolling in a program of study or taking English or math classes unless you meet exception criteria.
  • Students who are non-native English speakers will be required to take the ESL version of the test to determine appropriate placement in English and/or ESL classes.
  • Math Placement Testing is required for students who desire to enroll directly into MTH 263 or MTH 261. There are no placement exceptions for these higher level math courses.
  • Other courses or programs (nursing) may require qualifying scores on the math and/or English placement tests as a requirement of program admission.
    Placement Retest Policy

Placement Retest Policy

One retest is allowed within 12 months of the initial attempt for each placement test. The retest must be taken before you enroll in a developmental course. Retests will not be granted for students who have already completed developmental coursework.

Taking a Placement Test

Tests are given in the Testing Center on a walk-in basis to admitted students. Check the Testing Center's page for hours and policies.