Visual Arts

Award: Associate of Fine Arts Degree (A.F.A.) Major: Visual Arts (pending approval)

Designed for students who plan to transfer to four-year colleges or universities and seek a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts (BFA) degree.

 Introduction to Two-Dimensional Art and Introduction to Three-Dimensional Art career studies certificates may be applied towards the A.F.A.

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Recommended sequence for courses (Course Number, Course Title, Credits)

First Semester

  • ART 101 History and Appreciation of Art, 3 cr
    ART 102 History and Appreciation of Art II, 3 cr
  • ART 121 Drawing I, 3 cr
  • ART 131 Fundamentals of Design I, 3 cr
  • ART 153 Ceramics I, 3 cr
  • ENG 111 College Composition I, 3 cr
  • SDV Student Development, 1 cr

Semester Credits: 16

Second Semester

  • ART 122 Drawing II, 3 cr
  • ART 132 Fundamentals of Design II, 3 cr
    ART 134 Three Dimensional Design, 3 cr
  • ENG 112 College Composition II, 3 cr
  • ART/PHT Approved Elective, 3 cr
  • MTH Mathematics Elective, 3 cr

Semester Credits: 15

Third Semester

  • ART 283 Computer Graphics I, 3 cr
  • PHT 164 Introduction to Digital Photography, 3 cr
  • ART/PHT Approved Elective, 3 cr
  • Social and Behavioral Science Elective, 3 cr
  • Natural Science/Lab Elective, 4 cr

Semester Credits: 16

Fourth Semester

  • ART 241 Painting I, 3 cr
  • ART 287 Portfolio and Resume Preparation, 3 cr
  • ART/PHT Approved Elective, 3 cr
  • ART/PHT Approved Elective, 3 cr
  • ENG 2XX Literature Elective, 3 cr

Semester Credits 15

Total credits required: 62


  • All BRCC requirements and electives must be selected from the courses listed below. Any course taken that is not listed will not count toward graduation requirements unless a Program Adjustment Form is completed and approved in advance.
  •  BRCC’s degree requirements do not necessarily fulfill the general education requirements of the college to which you wish to transfer unless
    there is a specific articulation agreement to that effect. Currently BRCC has such agreements for its graduates with many state-assisted and some private four-year colleges and universities. Many of the courses listed below do not transfer to every four-year college or university. It is the student’s responsibility to:
    • Check with a BRCC counselor or advisor
    • Consult the transfer guides of four-year colleges and universities
    • Look up transfer requirements on the college website and/or
    •  Check directly with the four-year institution to which one intends to transfer, in order to determine if particular courses transfer.
  •  Students are responsible for ensuring that prerequisites have been met before registering for any course. Consult course descriptions for further information.

Courses that Fulfill the Requirements for the AFA Degree in Visual Arts

English (6 credits required)

  • ENG 111 College Composition I
  • ENG 112 College Composition II

Fine Arts (3 credits required)

  • ART 101 History and Appreciation of Art I
  • ART 102 History and Appreciation of Art II

Literature (3 credits required)

  • ENG 241 Survey of American Literature I
  • ENG 242 Survey of American Literature II
  • ENG 243 Survey of English Literature I
  • ENG 244 Survey of English Literature II
  • ENG 251 Survey of World Literature I
  • ENG 252 Survey of World Literature II

Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 credits required)

  • ECO 201 Principles of Economics I Macroeconomics)
  • ECO 202 Principles of Economics II (Microeconomics)
  • GEO 210 People and Land: Intro to Cultural Geography
  • GEO 220 World Regional Geography
  • PLS 135 American National Politics
  • PSY 200 Principles of Psychology
  • PSY 230 Developmental Psychology
  • SOC 200 Principles of Sociology
  • SOC 268 Social Problems
  • SSC 107 Problems of People in the Modern World

Mathematics (3 credits required)

  • MTH 151 Mathematics for the Liberal Arts
  • MTH 163 Precalculus I

Natural Science/Lab (4 credits required)

  • BIO 101 General Biology I
  • BIO 141 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • CHM 101 General Chemistry I
  • CHM 111 College Chemistry I
  • GOL 105 Physical Geology
  • GOL 110 Earth Science
  • PHY 100 Elements of Physics

Approved Elective Courses for the AFA Degree in Visual Arts

The remaining 12 credits of Art and Photography electives may be chosen from the following:

  •  ART 154 Ceramics II
  • ART 235 Functional Ceramics
  • ART 236 Sculptural Ceramics
  • ART 243 Watercolor I
  • ART 284 Computer Graphics II
  • PHT 264 Digital Photography II

Additional elective courses may be approved with specific permission of an Academic Dean using the Program Adjustment Form - PDF (requires Acrobat Reader).