Veterinary Technology Distance Education Program

Veterinary instruction with x-rays

Award: Associate of Applied Science Degree in Veterinary Technology
Length: Nine semesters total, includes three summers (three year program)

The distance education program is designed and restricted to Virginia residents who are currently working a minimum of 20 hours/week in veterinary practices and unable to relocate to complete the on-campus program.  A preceptorship is established between the student and veterinarian and must remain in place for the duration of the program.

Classes are held twice weekly at each distance location on a set schedule.  Students are required to attend laboratory sessions on the BRCC campus 3-4 times per semester.

Distance Locations   Distance Details


General Education Courses

  • SDV Student Development, 1 cr
  • ENG 111 College Composition I, 3 cr
  • CHM 110 Survey of Chemistry, 3 cr
  • Literature/Humanities/Fine Arts Elective, 3 cr
  • Social and Behavioral Science Elective, 3 cr
  • General Education Elective (any approved Lit/Hum/FA, Soc/Behav Sci, Nat Sci/Math), 3 cr

First Summer VET courses

  • VET 120 Veterinary Medical Terminology and Calculations, 3 cr

First Fall VET courses

  • VET 105 Introduction to Veterinary Technology, 3 cr
  • VET 111 Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals, 4 cr

First Spring VET courses

  • VET 100 Introduction to Animal Science, 4 cr
  • VET 216 Animal Pharmacology, 3 cr

Second Summer VET courses

  • VET 236 Companion Animal Behavior, 3 cr

Second Fall VET courses

  • VET 115 Laboratory Techniques I, 4 cr
  • VET 121 Clinical Practices I, 4 cr

Second Spring VET courses

  • VET 215 Laboratory Techniques II, 4 cr
  • VET 221 Advanced Clinical Practices III, 4 cr

Third Summer VET courses

  • VET 205 Applied Veterinary Surgical Nursing, 3 cr
  • VET 290 Coordinated Practice in Veterinary Technology, 4 cr

Third Fall VET courses

  • VET 210 Animal Diseases and Microbiology, 4 cr
  • VET 230 Veterinary Hospital Management, 2 cr

Third Spring VET courses

  • VET 217 Introduction to Laboratory, Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, 3 cr
  • VET 222 Advanced Clinical Practices IV, 4 cr

Total credits required 72


Refer to list of approved Literature/Humanities/Fine Arts, Social/Behavioral Science or Natural Science/Mathematics electives.