Veterinary Technology Distance Ed Details

How does the distance education (DE) program operate?

Classes are transmitted twice weekly for a total of 6 hours/week on average. The schedule varies with each cohort. Students are required to work in a veterinary hospital a minimum of 20 hours per week as a formal preceptorship for the duration of the three-year program. Students are also required to attend laboratories on the BRCC campus 3 times per semester on average, typically all day on Friday.

Where and when do classes meet?

The John Tyler group currently meets for classes on the Midlothian campus Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

The Virginia Western group currently meets on the Roanoke campus Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

The new cohort will meet Monday and Wednesday afternoons with delivery of classes directly to students. Students will not need to commute to a specific community college campus to receive the classes. However, some testing may require the use of community college testing centers.

When does the program start?

JTCC begins in June 2017 and the application period closed in January 2017.

VWCC will begin again in June 2018 and the application period closes January 2018.

The new cohort will begin in June 2018 and the application period closes January 2018.

The start of each cohort is contingent on adequate student numbers.

What type of student would be successful in the DE program?

A student in the DE program needs to have a solid relationship already established with a veterinary hospital that has a dedicated staff willing to fulfill the responsibilities of a 3-year preceptorship. A DE student needs to be responsible, self-motivated and have an ability to work independently in a rigorous academic environment.

What are the technical standard requirements?

Students in the JTCC and VWCC cohorts need to have a computer and reliable, high-speed internet access to complete class assignments and review course materials.

Prospective students wishing to participate in the new cohort will provide documentation of a web camera equipped computer with broadband access (≥25Mbps) at the location they intend to be during live components of classes. A live connection with the prospective student using the hardware and connection noted above will be part of the application process.

Does the DE program accept out-of-state students?

The DE program will only admit out-of-state students that are engaged in a preceptorship within the state of Virginia.