Technical Studies

Associate of Applied Science Degree: Student-selected Major (program of study based on career goals)

Possible occupations for graduates: entry-level positions in highly skilled technical fields.


General Education

  • College Composition, 3
  • Literature/Humanities/Fine Arts Elective, 3
  • Social and Behavioral Science Elective,6
  • Mathematics/Natural Science, 3
  • Wellness, 2
  • Student Development, 1

Credits: 18

Technical Foundations

  • Principles of Technology, 3
  • Microcomputers/Programming/Software, 6-9
  • Technical Writing, 3
  • Quality Control, 3
  • Team Concepts/Problem Solving, 3-6

Credits: 18-24

Content Skills and Knowledge

Option 1: Courses selected from a single existing certificate or Diploma, plus electives to define a content area

Option 2: Two or more content areas of 6 - 12 credits each (courses selected to meet students goals and employer needs) plus related courses and electives


Work-Based Learning

Credits: 6-15

Total credits required: 65-69


Refer to list of approved Literature/Humanities/Fine Arts and Social and Behavioral Science electives.