Science: Engineering Specialization

Associate of Science Degree: Science Major - Engineering Specialization


Recommended sequence for courses (Course Number, Course Title, Credits)

First Semester

  • MTH 173 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I, 5 cr
  • CHM 111 College Chemistry I, 4 cr
  • EGR 120 Introduction to Engineering, 2 cr
  • ENG 111 College Composition I, 3 cr
  • SDV Student Development, 1 cr
  • History Elective, 3 cr

Semester Credits: 18

Second Semester

  • MTH 174 Calculus with Analytic Geometry II, 5 cr
  • Engineering or Science/Technical Elective, 3-4 cr
  • EGR 140 Engineering Mechanics - Statics, 3 cr
  • Social and Behavioral Science Elective, 3 cr
  • ENG 112 College Composition II, 3 cr

Semester Credits: 17-18

Third Semester

  • MTH 277 Vector Calculus, 4 cr
  • PHY 241 University Physics I, 4 cr
  • Engineering Elective, 3 cr
  • HLT/PED Health/Physical Education Elective, 1 cr
  • Literature/Humanities/Fine Arts Elective, 3 cr
  • Literature, 3 cr

Semester Credits: 18

Fourth Semester

  • MTH 291 Ordinary Differential Equations, 3 cr
  • MTH 177 Linear Algebra, 2 cr
    MTH 285 Linear  Algebra, 3 cr
  • PHY 242 University Physics II, 4 cr
  • Engineering Elective, 3 cr
  • EGR 245 Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics, 3 cr

Semester Credits: 15-16

Total credit required: 68-70


  • This list of majors is not exclusive. The A.S. with a specialization in Engineering can be used for students who wish to transfer in other Engineering fields as well.
  • A list of approved Literature/Fine Arts/History electives can be found under the Required General Education Courses for the A.S. Degree.
  • Approved Engineering Electives listed below.
  • Linear Algebra requirements vary among four-year institutions: students should check senior institution requirements to verify they are taking the correct course.

Approved Engineering Elective Courses for the AS Degree in Science-Engineering Specialization

Engineering major elective choices vary significantly among four-year institutions, and within specific Engineering majors (Civil, Mechanical, et. al.) Certain schools of Engineering may prefer an additional Science or Technical elective in place of an EGR prefixed course. Students are strongly encouraged to consult senior institution transfer websites, advising guides, and existing articulation agreements to ensure they are making the correct choice of electives. To meet the requirements of the AS-Science-Engineering degree, no more than one elective may be chosen from the Science/Technical category.

Engineering Electives

  • EGR 115 Engineering Graphics
  • EGR 126 Computer Programming for Engineers
  • EGR 206 Engineering Economics
  • EGR 246 Mechanics of Materials

Natural Science/Technical Electives

  • CHM 112 College Chemistry
  • CSC 201 Computer Science I
  • GOL 105 Physical Geology