About the Respiratory Therapy Program

A partnership program.  Students take classes at both BRCC and Reynolds Community College (RCC); tuition and fees paid to the school delivering the class.  Students can only receive financial aid at one institution each semester; we recommend applying for financial aid at the college where the majority of your credits will be taken that semester.

Tuition & Financial Aid Links

Prerequisite Courses

The following courses must be completed prior to admittance to clinicals with RCC.  Preferred GPA is 2.8; required GPA is 2.5.

  • ENG 111
  • Social Sciences (3 credits)
  • Humanities (3 credits)
  • MTE 5 (or successful math placement test score)
  • BIO 141, 142
  • SDV 100
  • ITE 115/119 (or show of competency)
  • RTH 102 and RTH 121 (taken through JRSCC)

Respiratory Therapy Program Courses

  • Classes for the Respiratory Therapy Program delivered online by RCC.
  • Students are required to travel to RCC two Wednesdays per month for labs during the first fall, spring, and summer semesters. Car pooling encouraged.

Clinical Component

  • Clinical sites include Rockingham Memorial Hospital, University of Virginia Health System, and Martha Jefferson.
  •  Student may be paid for clinical rotations if a hospital has a student position open and chooses to employ the student.