Medical Coding: Hospital

Career Studies Certificate

Program Disclosures


Possible occupations for graduates: ICD-9/10 coding for hospital applications/preparation for the Certified Coding Associate and/or Certified Coding Specialist exams.

Medical Records Tech


See the catalog for complete program information/curriculum notes.

(Course Number, Course Title, Credits)

  • HLT 143 Medical Terminology I, 3 cr
  • BIO 141 Anatomy and Physiology I, 4 cr
  • HIM 253 Coding for Health Records (Emphasizes ICD-9/10), 4 cr
  • HLT 144 Medical Terminology II, 3 cr
  • BIO 142 Anatomy and Physiology II, 4 cr
  • HIM 254 Advanced Coding and Reimbursement (Emphasizes CPT), 4 cr
  • HIM 190 Coordinated Internship, 2 cr

Total credits required: 24