Career Studies Certificate

Provides BRCC students a path to the Army ROTC Advanced Course (junior and senior years) at James  Madison  University (JMU). Students will register and pay for the courses at BRCC. The curriculum will be offered in conjunction with the JMU Military  Science department.


See the catalog for complete program information/curriculum notes.

(Course Number, Course Title, Credits)

  • MSC 111 Introduction to Army ROTC, 2 cr   
  • MSC 196 On-site Training, 2 cr
  • MSC 112 Introduction to Leadership, 2 cr
  • MSC 196 On-site Training, 2 cr
  • MSC 211 Leadership Skills, 2 cr
  • MSC 296 On-site  Training, 2 cr
  • MSC 212 Foundations of the Military  Profession, 2 cr
  • MSC 296 On-Site Training, 2 cr

Total credits required: 16