About the Funeral Services Program

A partnership program.  Students take classes at both BRCC and John Tyler Community College ( JTCC); tuition and fees paid to the school delivering the class.  Students can only receive financial aid at one institution each semester; we recommend applying for financial aid at the college where the majority of your credits will be taken that semester.

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Prerequisite & General Education Courses

To take prerequisite classes at BRCC, you'll need to complete the BRCC admissions process and select Health Sciences - Funeral Services as your program choice.

The following courses may be taken at BRCC or by distance ed through JTCC and should be completed before applying for admission to the Funeral Services program unless prior approval is given by JTCC:

  • All required developmental English courses
  • ACC 211
  • BUS 100
  • BUS 241
  • CHM 110
  • ENG 111
  • FNS 110 (JTCC distance ed)
  • FNS 121 (JTCC distance ed)
  • ITE elective (ITE 119)
  • PSY 116 (JTCC distance ed)
  • REL 230 or 231
  • SDV 100
  • SOC 200

Funeral Services Program Courses

Students must apply to JTCC and the Funeral Services program after completing their prerequisite BRCC courses.  Upon acceptance into the program, students will complete the JTCC courses required for the Associate of Applied Science in Funeral Services.

  • Funeral Services classes are transmitted from JTCC to BRCC's campus by compressed video.
  • Student are required to travel to JTCC for a Friday/Saturday Embalming lab one weekend during the semester of  enrollment in  FNS 111/113  and two weekends during enrollment in FNS 112/114.  
  • PSY 116 is required for the Associates of Applied Science in Funeral Services; may be taken at BRCC

Advising Notes

  • General courses and prerequisite courses can be taken in any order during the first two semesters.
  • ACC 211, FNS 121, and CHM 110 are prerequisites for placement into the Funeral Services Program.
  • ACC 211, FNS 121, and CHM 110 are prerequisites for FNS 111, FNS 112, FNS 113, FNS 114, FNS 213, and FNS 214.
  • FNS 245 can only be taken in the last semester and not without prior approval from the Funeral Services Program head.
  • ACC 211, FNS 121, CHM 110, SOC 200, PSY 116 and all FNS courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better
  • Students are required to take the National Board Examination as part of FNS 245 at an additional cost of $350.
  • Students are required to take the National Board Examination before graduation.