Graduation Timeline

Two semesters before you plan to finish

Check your status

Apply for graduation

Submit the graduation application form before the applicable deadline:

  • Spring graduation: April 1
  • Summer graduation: July 15
  • Fall graduation: November 15

Two to three weeks after applying, you will receive an Email in your VCCS Gmail account stating whether you have any outstanding requirements.  For this to be an accurate audit of your status, please apply to graduate after you have registered for any remaining requirements of your program.  It is recommended that you apply to graduate 2-3 week before the start of your final semester to allow our reviewers to return your audit before it is too late to make changes to your schedule.  Note:  You must be enrolled in a program before applying for graduation.

Final semester

Complete academic requirements

  • Finish all classes and other requirements for your program as listed in BRCC Catalog* and graduation advising email
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA (grade point average)

*See catalog used for graduation

Fulfill obligations to BRCC

You won’t be able to graduate if you have holds on your account for obligations.

  • Pay outstanding bills
  • Return library books and supplies

Take general assessment

If you’ve applied for graduation with an associate’s degree, you’ll need to take a proctored and timed general assessment during your last semester.  Watch for an Email listing the available times.

10-12 weeks after your last semester

Diplomas listing your major will be mailed to your address as listed in SIS. Make sure your address in SIS is accurate.

Your degree, including major and any specialization, will be added to your permanent record and will appear on your transcript.