Proctored Assessments

You are required to take at least one proctored assessment during the semester. Your instructor will announce the assessment and provide instructions. You must take the assessment during the allotted dates and times given by your instructor.

Proctored assessment for distance learning courses at BRCC are administered in the testing center. All students using the Testing Center must provide a photo ID at the time of testing and should verify the testing center hours before arriving. There is no fee for testing.

Testing Center

Students Who Live Outside BRCC Service Area

Students who live outside the BRCC service area may make arrangements to take the assessment at any other college, university, military testing center, or through our online proctoring service, Software Secure’s RPNow, if it is available in your course. Proctors cannot be a family member, friend, employer, or someone whom you work with. You should allow at least 5 business days for processing of a proctored request.

Proctors will not be approved based solely on student preference. BRCC reserves the right to reject requests or proctors for any reason.

Proctor Request Form

(requires Acrobat Reader)

Proctor Request Form - PDF

Student Responsibilities

Students who take tests at another testing center must:

  • Locate the appropriate testing center and complete the Proctor Request Form. (You should do this at the beginning of the semester.)
  • Present a photo ID.
  • Pay any fees associated with proctoring at the chosen site.
  • Provide a stamped envelope to the testing center to return the test.

Students who take tests through Software Secure must:

  • Notify your instructor and schedule the assessment with Software Secure.
  • Provide student data such as, name, address, email address, phone number, institution/course, and credit card information.
  • Present a photo ID.
  • Have a reliable Internet connection and webcam.
  • Provide audio and 3600 video recordings of exam-room environment.
  • Pay fees associated with proctoring through Software Secure.

Software Secure adheres to all of the obligations and requirements listed under FERPA and the United States – European Union Safe Harbor Framework.

Proctor Responsibilities

Students are also responsible for informing the proctor of the following requirements:

  • Proctors should follow the instructions on the proctor information form. Your instructor will send this form to the proctor.
  • Proctors should be able to answer questions about test taking procedures, not questions about the test content.
  • Proctors will monitor the test and then email or mail the test and answer sheet to the instructor.