Information Technology Programming

ITP 100 (3 CR)
Software Design

Prerequisite: Demonstrated proficiency in MTE 1-4 through placement testing or completion of the MTE 1-4 modules

Introduces principles and practices of software development.  Includes instruction in critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and essential programming logic in structured and object-oriented design using contemporary tools.  Lecture 3 hours per week.

ITP 110 (4 CR)
Visual Basic Programming

Involves instruction in fundamentals of even-driven programming using Visual Basic.  Emphasizes program construction, algorithm development, coding, debugging, and documentation of graphical user interface applications.  Lecture 4 hours per week.

ITP 120 (4 CR)
Java Programming I

Prerequisite: CSC 200 or ITP 100 or instructor permission

Entails instruction in fundamentals of object-oriented programming using Java. Emphasizes program construction, algorithm development, coding, debugging, and documentation of console and graphical user interface applications.  Students may not receive credit toward graduation requirements for both ITP 120 and CSC 201.  Lecture 4 hours per week.

ITP 220 (3 CR)
Java Programming II

Prerequisite:  ITP 120 or CSC 201 or instructor permission

Imparts instruction in application of advanced object-oriented techniques to application development using Java. Emphasizes database connectivity, inner classes, collection classes, networking, and threads.  Lecture 3 hours per week.

ITP 225 (3 CR)
Web Scripting Languages

Prerequisites:  ITD 110 and ITP 100

Introduces students to the principles, systems, and tools used to implement web applications.  Provides students with a comprehensive introduction to the programming tools and skills required to build and maintain interactive web sites.  Students will develop web applications utilizing client-side and server-side scripting languages along with auxiliary tools needed for complete applications.  Lecture 3 hours per week.

ITP 232
C++ Programming II    (3 CR)

Presents in-depth instruction of advanced object-oriented techniques for data structures using C++. Lecture 3 hours per week.

ITP 296 (3 CR)
On-Site Training in Information Systems

Prerequisite: Instructor approval

Offers opportunities for career orientation and training without pay in selected business and industry.  Supervised and coordinated by the College.  Credit/work ratio not to exceed 1:5 hours.  Variable hours per week.  This is a second-year course, subject to instructor approval.

ITP 298 (3 CR)
Seminar and Project

Prerequisite:  Instructor approval

This course requires completion and presentation of a project related to the student’s occupational objective. Subject to instructor approval.