Information Technology Essentials

ITE 119 (3 CR)
Information Literacy

Presents the information literacy core competencies focusing on the use of information technology skills.  Skills and knowledge will be developed in database searching, computer applications, information security and privacy, and intellectual property issues.  Lecture 3 hours per week.

ITE 120 (3 CR)
Principles of Information Systems

Provides an overview of the fundamentals of computer information systems.  Focuses on the role of computers in business today including hardware, software, analysis, design, and implementation of information systems.  Includes an introduction to computer ethics, and business and personal security. Exposes students to techniques used in programming and system development.  A hands-on component utilizing spreadsheets, databases, and web design applications is integrated into this course.  Lecture 3 hours per week.

ITE 140 (3 CR)
Spreadsheet Software

Covers the use of spreadsheet software to create spreadsheets with formatted cells and cell ranges, control pages, multiple sheets, charts, and macros.  Topics will include type and edit text in a cell, enter data on multiple worksheets, work with formulas and functions, create charts, pivot tables, styles, insert headers and footers, and filter data.  This course covers MOS Excel objectives.  Lecture 3 hours per week.  

ITE 160 (3 CR)
Introduction to E -Commerce

Studies the culture and demographics of the Internet, on-line business strategies, and the hardware and software tools necessary for Internet commerce. Includes the identification of appropriate target segments, the development of product opportunities, pricing structures, distribution channels over the Internet, and the execution of marketing strategy in computer-mediated environments. Presents case histories of successful Web applications. Lecture 3 hours per week.

ITE 170 (3 CR)
Multimedia Software

Explores technical fundamentals of creating multimedia projects with related hardware and software.  Students will learn to manage resources required for multimedia production and evaluation and techniques for selection of graphics and multimedia software.  Lecture 3 hours per week.

ITE 182 (3 CR)
User Support/Help Desk Principles

Introduces a variety of tools and techniques that are used to provide user support in help desk operations.  Includes help desk concepts, customer service skills, troubleshooting problems, writing for end users, help desk operations, and software, needs analysis, facilities management, and other related topics related to end user support.  Lecture 3 hours per week.

ITE 200 (3 CR)
Technology for Teachers

Provides K-12 classroom teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel.  Students will finish the course with a solid understanding of educational technology, including how to use computers, how to access information on the World Wide Web, and how to integrate computers and educational technology into the classroom curriculum.  Students will learn how to base technology integration decisions on contemporary learning theories.  Lecture 3 hours per week.

ITE 270 (3 CR)
Advanced Multimedia Development

Prerequisite:  ITE 170

Refines multimedia skills, focusing on project development using digital media; video clips, still images, and audio (sounds, music, and narration).  Lecture 3 hours per week.