Computer Science

CSC 200 (3 CR)
Introduction to Computer Science

Prerequisites:  Successful completion of algebra I and II in high school or MTE 1-9 or MTH 163 and keyboarding skills

Provides broad introduction to computer science. Discusses architecture and function of computer hardware, including networks and operating systems, data and instruction representation, and data organization. Covers software, algorithms, programming languages, and software engineering. Discusses artificial intelligence and theory of computation. Includes a hands-on component.  Lecture 3 hours per week.

CSC 201 (4 CR)
Computer Science I

Prerequisite:  CSC 200 or ITP 100 or instructor permission

Introduces algorithm and problem solving methods. Emphasizes structured programming concepts, elementary data structures, and the study and use of a high level programming language.  Students may not receive credit toward graduation requirements for both CSC 201 and ITP 120.  Lecture 4 hours per week.

CSC 202 (4 CR)
Computer Science II

Prerequisite:  CSC 201 or ITP 120 or instructor permission

Examines data structures and algorithm analysis. Covers data structures (including sets, strings, stacks, queues, arrays, records, files, linked lists, and trees), abstract data types, algorithm analysis (including searching and sorting methods), and file structures. Lecture 4 hours per week.

CSC 205 (3 CR)
Computer Organization

Prerequisites:  CSC 201 and MTH 173

Examines the hierarchical structure of computer architecture.  Focuses on multi-level machine organization.  Uses a simple assembler language to complete programming projects.  Includes processors, instruction, execution, addressing techniques, data representation, and digital logic.  Lecture 3 hours per week.