Peer Tutoring

Peer tutors are fellow BRCC students who have taken the same classes they are tutoring and have shown particular skill in these subjects. Peer tutors can also help you develop basic computer skills you will need in your classes.

Tutoring is available for all developmental math and most other math classes, developmental and college level English, chemistry, biology, and other subjects.

Peer Tutoring  Sessions

Peer tutors work in The Center for Academic Vision and Excellence (The CAVE) in A 110.  Walk-in appointments are welcome, but we recommend that you make an appointment ahead of time to ensure your best-matched tutor will be available and expecting you.  Appointments can be made by using the Peer Tutoring Appointment Scheduler or calling The CAVE at (540) 453-2289.

Peer Tutoring Appointment Scheduler

You must register the first time you use the Peer Tutoring Appointment Scheduler. Make sure you use the “Limit to” dropdown menu to find who tutors which classes. You will receive a confirmation email stating that an appointment has been made.

Tips for Working with Tutors

  • Attend class – Tutors can help you review and work through challenging assignments and material; however, their role is not as a substitute teacher. 
  • Have specific questions for your tutoring session – By completing your readings and attempting to do your assignments before your appointment, you will be better able to describe to your tutor what specific concepts or ideas are challenging you.  
  • Bring what you need with you – Bring your textbook, assignments, syllabus, lecture notes, calculator, and any other materials you think you may need for the tutoring session. Laptop computers are available for check-out and use in The CAVE. 


Your instructor may be informed of your progress and utilization of the tutoring services. This information is confidential and will only be shared with your instructor. 

If you have any concerns during your tutoring session, please contact the staff member working at the front desk of The CAVE or the Peer Tutoring Coordinator.

Interested in Becoming a Peer Tutor?

You will need to commit to at least one academic semester (preferably more), with 5-15 hours per week.  Questions?  Email us.

To apply, submit the Peer Tutor Pre-Application Form (requires MYBRCC login credentials).