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Disability Services

Disability Services

If you are a new student, you will need to schedule an appointment with us so we can:

  • Review your documentation
  • Discuss your past accommodations
  • Discuss your goals

Bring all official documentation prepared by qualified evaluators within the last 3 years. You may be able to get copies from your high school if needed.


We will notify you about the accommodations you are eligible to receive. Please register for classes and request your accommodations as early as possible to make sure we have time to make the arrangements. Let us know if you have problems implementing your accommodations

Accommodation Request Forms

Types of Accommodations

  • Note-Ables
  • Alternate Format Textbooks
  • Separate Testing Environment: Room G202C is equipped with assistive technology and can be scheduled for a separate testing accommodation as well as class work. Use the student scheduler to reserve a time and then report in to the Testing Center.
  • Interpreters for students who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Brailling of course materials
  • Extended time on examinations
  • Permission to audio tape record
  • Preferential seating

Assistive Technology

The following programs are available for student use on the Weyers Cave campus.

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking: Software that coverts spoken words into text and lets you operate a computer hands-free.
  • Kurzweil3000: Provides an auditory version of printed text and highlights the printed text to follow along. Also reads charts and tables and sorts and organizes notes.
  • JAWS: Screen reading software with keystroke navigation.
  • Echo Livescribe Smart Pen: Records lectures with synchronized notes for playback. Also converts speech to text.
  • Sony Digital Voice Recorder: Record lectures for playback on a computer or MP3 player. Also reduces background noise and is compatible with Dragon Naturally Speaking software.
  • Zoom Text: Enlarges and enhances your computer screen.

Assistive Technology in Separate Room G202C:

  • JAWS 12.0
  • Kurzweil 3000
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Telesensory Aladdin Rainbow
  • Zoom Text