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Academic Programs

Health Sciences


Prepares students who wish to enter allied health, veterinary technology, funeral services, and respiratory therapy programs with competitive admissions procedures at Blue Ridge Community College or at other colleges.


Please refer to the catalog for complete program information and curriculum notes.

(Course Number, Course Title, Credits)

  • BIO 101 Introduction to Biology, 4 cr
  • ENG 111 College Composition, 3 cr
  • SDV Student Development, 1 cr
  • CHM Chemistry Elective, 3-4 cr
  • SOC SCI Social and Behavioral Science Elective, 3 cr
  • PSY Psychology Elective, 3 cr
  • HUM Humanities Elective, 3 cr
  • Career Field Electives, 10-15 cr

Total credits required: 30-35