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Academic Programs

Computer Network Technologies

Career Studies Certificate

Computer Network Technologies Program Disclosures

Program prepares graduates for certification exams.


(Course Number, Course Title, Credits)

Please refer to the catalog for complete program information and curriculum notes.

  • ITE 182 User Support/Help Desk, 3 cr
  • ETR 164 Upgrade and Maintain PC Hardware*, 3 cr
  • ETR 225 Data Communications**, 4 cr
  • ITN 103 Administration of Networked Servers, 3 cr
  • ITN 151 Introductory Routing and Switching, 3 cr
  • ITN 260 Network Security Basics, 3 cr

Total credits required: 22

*Course also listed as: ITN 106 Microcomputer Operating Systems, 3 cr
**Course also listed as ITN 208 Protocols and Communications, 4 cr