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Academic Programs

Applications in Law Enforcement

Career Studies Certificate

For students who may want to earn the A.A.S. degree in Administration of Justice.

Applications in Law Enforcement Program Disclosures


Please refer to the catalog for complete program information and curriculum notes.  See also:  ADJ program website

(Course Number, Course Title, Credits)

  • ADJ 100 Survey of Criminal Justice, 3 cr
  • ADJ 110 Introduction to Law Enforcement, 3 cr
  • ADJ 236 Principles of Criminal Investigation, 3 cr
  • ADJ 211 Criminal Law Evidence and Procedure I, 3 cr
  • ADJ 228 Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, 3 cr
  • ADJ 232 Domestic Violence, 3 cr
  • ADJ Elective, 3 cr
  • ITE 119 Information Literacy, 3 cr

Total credits required: 24