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Academic Programs

Aviation Maintenance Technology - Powerplant Maintenance


Powerplant Maintenance Program Disclosures

Possible occupations for graduates:entry-level positions as general aircraft engine-overhaul mechanic, accessory mechanic, electric-shop mechanic, and general engine mechanic. After obtaining experience and further training, graduates may advance to positions such as powerplant technician (licensed), supervisor and inspector.


Please refer to the catalog for complete program information and curriculum notes.  See also: Aviation Maintenance Technology Program Website

First Semester

MTH 103 Applied Technical Mathematics, 3

AMT 103 Basic Electricity and Lab, 2

AMT 105-106 Aviation Science for Mechanics and Lab, 4

AMT 107 Aircraft Drawings, 1

AMT 109-110 Materials and Processes and Lab, 2

AMT 111 Federal Aviation Regulations, 1

AMT 261-262 Aircraft Electrical Systems and Lab, 3

Semester Credits: 16

Second Semester

ENG 111 College Composition I, 3
ENG 116 Writing for Business , 3

AMT 241-242 Reciprocating Engines and Lab 4

AMT 243-244 Turbine Engines and Lab 4

Semester Credits: 11

Third Semester

AMT 253-254 Ignition Systems and Lab, 2

AMT 255-256 Fuel Metering Systems and Lab, 3

AMT 263-264 Aircraft Fuel, Fire, and Instrument Systems, 3

Semester Credits: 8

Fourth Semester

AMT 245-246 Powerplant Inspections and Lab 2

AMT 251-252 Lubrication Systems and Propellers and Lab, 3

Semester Credits: 5

Total credits required: 40