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Houff Library Periodical Holdings List

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Periodical In Print
America Current two years
The American Biology Teacher 3/2012-Current
American Craft 2001- Current
American Heritage 12/1954-11/1991 (catalogued: E172 .A56)
American Heritage of Invention & Technology 2000-Current
American Journal of Nursing 2008-Current
American Journal of Psychiatry 2005-Sept. 2010
American Journal of Sociology 2000-Current
American Libraries
(in library office)
Current year only
American Literature Current two years
American Sociological Review 2007-Current
American Theatre May/June 2012 - Current
Appalachian Heritage [New Title] 2/2010-
Appalachian Journal Fall 2007/ Winter 2008 - Current
Arboriculture & Urban Forestry [formerly Journal of Arboriculture] Current two years (online 1975-Current here)
Arborist News Current two years (online free here)
Art Calendar (continued by Professional Artist) 2004-2010
Art in America Current year only
Art News Current year only
Artforum Current year only
Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel 2007 -Current
Astronomy Current two years
Atlantic Monthly Current two years
Audubon Current two years
Augusta Historical Bulletin 1965-Current catalogued: F232.A8 A8

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Periodical In Print
Backpacker Current year only
Bead & Button Current year only
Bead Style Current year only
Better Homes and Gardens Current year only
Birds & Bloom Current two years
Black Enterprise Current two years
Bloomberg Businessweek (formerly Business Week) Current year only
Blue Ridge Country 2000-August 2005; 10/2006-Current
Brake and Front End Current two years

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Periodical In Print
Car & Driver Current two years
Cat Fancy Current two years
Ceramics Arts and Perception 2012 -Current
Ceramics Monthly September 2008-Current
Choice: current reviews for academic libraries Current year only
Christian Century Current year only
Christianity Today Current year only
Chronicle of Higher Education Current Issues only
College and Research Libraries
(in Library Office)
Current year only
College and Research Libraries News
(in Library Office)
Current year only
Commentary Current year only
Commercial Carrier Journal Current two years
Communication Arts 2002-Current
Community & Junior College Libraries [delayed pub. noted] 2012-Current
Community College Journal Current two years
Community College Review Current two years
Community College Week Current year only
Compendium on Cont. Ed. for P/Vet. [Vet Tech] 2007-Current
Composition Studies Current two years
Computerworld Current two years
Congressional Digest 2002-Current
Consumer Reports Current year only
Country Woman Current year only
Current Biography 1968-Current catalogued:
Ref CT210 .C98
Current Health 2 2007-Current
Current History 2001-Current
Cycle World Current year

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Periodical In Print
Daily News Record (Harrisonburg paper) current issue only
Death Studies 2011
Discover Current two years
Dog Fancy Current two years

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Periodical In Print
Ebony Current two years
Education Digest Current two years
Emergency Medical Services (now EMS World) 2007-Current
ENR Current two years
Equus 2007-Current
Esquire Current two years
Essence Current two years
Explicator Spring 2002-2010

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Periodical In Print
Family Handyman Current two years
FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin Current two years
Field & Stream Current two years
Fitness 2007-Current
Flash Art 2009-Current
Flying 2007-Current
Forbes Current two years
Fortune 2009-Current

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Periodical In Print
Glamour 2012-Current
Good Housekeeping 2012-Current
Griffith Observer Current year

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Periodical In Print
Harper's Current two years
Harper's Bazaar Current year
Harvard Business Review Current two years
Harvard Mental Health Letter (ceased publication) 2000-March 2012
Health Current two years
Horticulture Current two years
House Beautiful 2012-Current
How 2005 - Current

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Periodical In Print
Inquiry: Journal of the Virginia Community Colleges Spring 1997-Current
Interior Design Current two years

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Periodical In Print
Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association 1998 - Current online here
JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association 2007-Current
Jet Current two years
JONA's Healthcare Law, Ethics and Regulation 2002-2000
Journal of Academic Librarianship 2012-Current
Journal of American History 2003-Current
Journal of Applied Behavioral Analysis 2007-Current (selected articles free here)
Journal of Chemical Education 2008-Current
Journal of Community Health Nursing 2007-Current
Journal of Criminal Justice Education 2007-Current
Journal of Developmental Education 2007-Current
Journal of Emergency Nursing (online here)
Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine (kept in Vet Tech Dept) 2006-Current
Journal of Gerontological Nursing 2007-Current
Journal of Marital &Family Therapy 2001-Current
Journal of Nursing Administration 2007-Feb. 2011
Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing (JOGNN) 2007-May/June 2011
Journal of Pediatric Nursing 2007-Current
Journal of Pet Medicine (in Vet. Tech. Dept.) April 2006-Current
Journal of Psychosocial Nursing & Mental Health Services 2007-Current (past issues here)
Journal of the American Animal Hospital (in Vet. Tech. Dept.) 1980-Sept. 2003

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Periodical In Print
Kiplinger Letter Current year
Kiplinger Tax Letter Current year
Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine Current two years

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Periodical In Print
Ladies Home Journal 2012-Current
Law Enforcement Technology 2007-Current
Library Journal (in Library Office) 2008-Current

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Periodical In Print
Make: Technology On Your Time Oct.2010-current (back issues here)
Martha Stewart Living Current year
MCN: American Journal of Maternal/Child Nursing 2007-Current
Men's Fitness Current two years
Money 2012-Current
Mother Earth News 2012-Current
(kept in Auto Dept.)
Motor Age
(kept in Auto Dept.)
Motor Trend Current two years
Moutain Bike Current two years
My Home, My Style (New name for Workbench) Current two years

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Periodical In Print
Nation 2012-Current
National Geographic 2003-Current
National Parks 2003-Current
National Wildlife 2003-Current
Natural History [ceased publication January 2010, restarted October 2010] October 2010-Current
Nature - available online  
New American Paintings Current year only
New Directions for Community Colleges 2010-Current
New England Journal of Medicine 2007-Current (1990-Current online here)
New Republic Current two years
New Scientist 2012-Current
New Yorker Current two years
News Leader (Staunton paper) current issues only
News Virginian (Waynesboro paper) current issues only
Newsweek 2012 - Current
Nursing 2007-Current
Nursing Clinics of North America 2007-Current (back issues here)
Nursing Management 2008-Current
Nursing Research 2008-Current
Nursing Times 2008-Current (back issues here)

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Periodical In Print
O: Oprah Magazine Current year
Office Pro 2004-Current
Oncology Nursing Forum 2008 - Current
Online Journal of Gerontological Nursing 2006 - Current
Organic Gardening Current two years
Outdoor Life Current year
Outside 2012-current

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Periodical In Print
Paralegal Today (new name for Legal Assistant Today) 2010-Current (back issues here)
Parents Magazine 2012-Current (back issues here)
PC World 2012-2013
Pediatric Nursing 2008-Current
People (Weekly) 2012-Current
Police Chief 2006-Current (online here)
Popular Mechanics Current two years
Popular Photography Current two years
Popular Science Current two years
Prevention 2012-Current
Print: America's graphic design magazine 2007-Current
Professional Artist Current year only
Psychology Today Current two years
Psychotherapy Networker Current two years

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Periodical In Print
Reader's Digest Current two years
Redbook 2012-Current
Richmond Times-Dispatch current issues only
Road & Track 2012-Current (back issues here)
Rolling Stone current year

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Periodical In Print
Saturday Evening Post 2012-current
Science online only
Scientific American 2008-Current
Seed (ceased publication) 2007-April, 2009
Self Current two years
Seventeen Current two years
Skiing Current Year
Sky & Telescope 2007-Current
Smithsonian 2007-Current
Social Problems 2007-Current (back issues here)
Southern Living Current year
Sports Illustrated Current year

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Periodical In Print
Teaching English in the Two-Year College 2001-May 2005 (back issues here)
Techniques Current two years
Time Current two years
Topics in Companion Animal Medicine (in Vet Tech Dept.) 2008-Current
Transport Topics
(Truck Driving School)
Current year only

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Periodical In Print
Utne (Reader) 2007-Current

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Periodical In Print
VCCA Journal 1987-1996
Veterinary Technician
(kept in Vet Tech Dept)
Village Voice Current issues
Virginia Dairyman Current year
Virginia Forests Summer 2007-Summer 2012
Virginia Magazine of History and Biography 2001-Current
Virginia Wildlife 2009-Current
Vogue Current year

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Periodical In Print
Wall Street Journal current issues only
Weight Watchers Magazine May/June 2008-Current
Windows IT Pro
[formerly Windows & .Net]
Current year
Wired 2008-Current
Workbench (continued as My Home, My Style in 2010) 2007-2009
World Watch (discontinued July/August 2010) 2003-July/Aug. 2010