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Educational Foundation

Directors Emeriti

In 2003, the Educational Foundation Board of Directors instituted the “Director Emeritus” program as a way of recognizing former Board members who have truly made a difference for the Foundation and the College. The criteria used to determine this recognition include a demonstration of extraordinary service and generosity to Blue Ridge Community College and the BRCC Educational Foundation.

  • Ms. Carolyn L. Beam
  • Mr. Michael B. Beahm
  • Dr. Bruce M. Bowman
  • Mr. Woodrow W. Carr
  • Mr. Peter F. deVaux
  • Mr. David W. Didawick
  • Ms. Lynn M. Diveley
  • Mr. E. Grant Doyle
  • Ms. Joan D. Eiland
  • Mr. William Elliott
  • Mr. John W. Flora
  • Mrs. Sallie E. Funkhouser
  • Mrs. Jean F. Gearing
  • Ms. Julia N. Grandle
  • Ms. Pamela Huggins
  • Mr. Timothy G. Hulings
  • Mr. Kevin D. Humphries
  • Mr. Robert G. Knowles
  • Mrs. Laurie Landes
  • Mr. Martin F. Lightsey
  • Mr. Richard L. Manor
  • Mrs. Deborah T. Metz
  • Mrs. Beverly S. "Cheri" Moran
  • Mr. Richard R. J. Morin
  • Mr. John N. Neff
  • Dr. James R. Perkins
  • Mr. William L. Pfost, Jr.
  • Dr. Stuart L. Porter
  • Mr. Carl A. Rosberg
  • Mr. Art Schlappi
  • Mr. L. Ronald Smith
  • Mr. Frank L. Summers, Jr.
  • Ms. Lynn K. Suter
  • Dr. Daniel M. Woodworth
  • Mr. Edward S. “Chip” Yates