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Obenschain, Claudette
Associate Instructor
Information Systems Technology
Contact: (540) 453-2361 •
Office: B103A

Ocheltree, Lauren E.
Enrollment Services Specialist
Continuing Education
Contact: (540) 453-2423 •
Office: P111

Oliver, William
Information Systems Technology
Contact: (540) 453-2364 •
Office: F106L

O'Neil, Cheryl
Web Designer/Developer
College Communications
Contact: (540) 453-2377 •
Office: F105

Orebaugh, Sue
Administrative Assistant
Contact: (540) 453-2326 •
Office: J131B

Ortner, Allison
Allied Health Coordinator
Continuing Education
Contact: (540) 453-2390 •
Office: P111A