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Bell, John
Contact: (540) 453-2225 •
Office: V214
Web site:
Bezold, Jessica
Help Desk Technician
Technology Services
Contact: 453-2524 •
Office: F117

Bland, Amanda G.
Instructional Center Technician
Testing Center
Contact: (540) 453-2323 •
Office: F110

Bland, Julia W.
Assistant Professor
Contact: (540) 453-2302 •
Office: D100F

Bothof, Donna
Administrative Specialist
Financial Services
Contact: (540) 453-2369 •
Office: G105

Boyd, Patricia
Disability Services Coordinator
Disability Services
Contact: (540) 453-2298 •
Office: G202B

Bradley, Steven
Associate Professor
Aviation Maintenance Technology
Contact: (540) 453-2273 •
Office: Airport 113

Breeden, Linda
Operations Manager
Continuing Education
Contact: (540) 453-2330 •
Office: P113

Brooks, Martha M.
Administrative Assistant, Life Sciences and Human Services
Academic Division Office
Contact: (540) 453-2315 •
Office: E109

Brown, Kelly
Administrative Assistant, Business, Humanities and Continuing Education
Academic Division Office
Contact: (540) 453-2206 •
Office: E109

Brown, Phillip
Trades Technician II
Buildings & Grounds
Contact: (540) 453-2555 •
Office: M105

Brumfield, Jonathan
Assistant Professor
Mechanical Design and Drafting
Contact: (540) 453-2239 •
Office: T104

Bryant, Velma
Outreach & Enrollment Management Coordinator
Student Services
Contact: (540) 453-2582 •
Office: G120

Buchanan, Derek
Help Desk Support Specialist
Technology Services
Contact: (540) 453-2276 •
Office: F111H

Burns, Jasper
Off-Campus Facility & Program Support Supervisor
Continuing Education
Contact: (540) 453-2439 •
Office: Augusta Center