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Continuing Education

Therapy Dog Training Fact Sheet

Requirements for Participation

Your dog must be:

  • at least of one year old;
  • tolerant of other people;
  • tolerant of other dogs; AND
  • able to consistently obey basic commands such as sit, down, stay and come – both at home and in public (successful completion of group basic obedience class preferred);

You must bring to the first class:

  • Completed/signed BRCC Assumption of Risk form
  • Copy of dog’s current health records, including immunizations

Note: The first class session will NOT include dogs.

Evaluation fee

Bring $10 per team, to be paid directly to the TDI evaluator, on the evaluation date.

Course Information

We encourage you to practice with your dog every day to help you both prepare for certification testing.

While your dog may be an exceptional companion at home, you may find during the course of this training that being a Therapy Dog is just not a good fit. However, this course provides great value even if it does not lead to certification. Lessons focus on advanced obedience skills, and offer an opportunity for you and your dog to spend time together.

Participants who pose a safety risk to themselves or others will be asked to leave.

If – for any reason – you do not successfully complete this course and wish to re-register, please call 540/453-2215. You will be required to pay the full course fee to take the course again.

Therapy Dog International (TDI) Testing Requirements

Before enrolling, you will need to read and agree to these TDI requirements.