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Continuing Education

Digital Photography and Image Editing

Nuts & Bolts of Digital Photography

Learn how your digital camera works – what all the buttons, switches and menus do, how to use manual mode, how to take a better quality image, and how to share that image online with family and friends.

Meets: Four Mondays, Feb 2 – 23, 1-4 pm BRCC Plecker Center
Instructor: Chuck Almarez
Fee: $159 (#65747)

Image Editing with Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom has nothing to do with fancy cameras, extreme image editing, or years of experience. It has everything to do with improving your image editing workflow from input to processing to output. Use Lightroom to import, organize, and edit images as well as to share your images as prints, in slideshows, on the web, and even in book form -- all directly from within Lightroom.

Meets: Four Mondays, Feb 2 – 23, 6-9 pm; BRCC Plecker Center
Instructor: Chuck Almarez and Steve Shires
Fee: $159 (#65748)

Landscape & Night Photography

Learn techniques for effective landscape photography including creating panoramas and 3-D images.  Experience the thrill of shooting at dusk and after dark, using starlight and moonlight.  A camera with manual mode and a tripod are strongly recommended.

Meets: Three Mondays, Mar 23 – Apr 6, 6-9 pm; BRCC Plecker Center
Instructor: Chuck Almarez
Fee: $145 (#65749)

Secrets of Better Photography 

This class will cover the tips, tricks, and techniques guaranteed to improve your photography. We’ll start with a basic understanding of your camera, how it works and how to control it. Then we’ll cover tips and techniques used when photographing specific subject areas: Landscapes, Portraits, Sports/Action, and Macro/Close-up. Any type of camera can be used for the class; however, a DSLR will provide more options for control and for producing a better photo.

Meets: Four Mondays, Apr 20 – May 11, 6-9 pm; BRCC Plecker Center
Instructor: Chuck Almarez
Fee: $159 (#65750)

Wedding Photography

Let a professional wedding photographer walk you through the wedding day to understand what is required to photograph this major life event. Learn what images are required, how to photograph these moments – and the extra steps to make sure you meet your wedding party’s needs. Discuss opportunities, logistics and challenges; examine how photojournalism and fine art photography styles can be applied to wedding photography. You’ll also touch on the business side of wedding photography: marketing, contracts, and copyright. Prerequisites: Nuts & Bolts of Digital Photography or equivalent introduction to digital photography class. This class is limited to 10 participants – sign up early!

Meets: Three Wednesdays, Mar 4–18, 6-9 pm; BRCC Plecker Center
Instructor: Steve Shires
Fee: $145 (#65753)