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Continuing Education

Management & Leadership

Leadership Certificate Program*         

Designed to develop highly functioning leadership skills in managers interested in promoting organizational growth, this 10-week program covers developing and effectively communicating a leadership style; leading people of varying personality types; promoting committee and project team development; and establishing a common vision and mission. You’ll also learn how to develop an organizational value statement and establish key performance indicators.

Meets: Ten Mondays, Apr 6-Jun 8, 6-8 pm; BRCC Plecker Center
Instructor: Brian McReynolds, PE
Fee: $209 (#65646)
*Approved for 17.5 hours of HRCI general credit.

Management Certificate Program* 

Businesses typically promote front line employees based on their potential as prospective managers. Unfortunately, these new managers do not always receive the resources and training they need to provide effective management. This four-week program provides management training to help new managers create effective relationships and build team unity; develop and set expectations; measure performance; and obtain developed goals. New and aspiring managers, along with other motivated individuals in any organization, can benefit from this practical approach to workplace management.

Meets: Four Mondays, Feb 16-Mar 9, 6-8 pm; BRCC Plecker Center
Instructor: Brian McReynolds, PE
Fee: $125 (#65644)
*Approved for 7 hours of HRCI general credit.

Leadership in the New Millennium Workshop Series*

We are well into the new century at this point and the definition of leadership is in a state of constant flux and change. A new generation is coming into leadership and the former generation is struggling to understand and mentor them toward competent leadership skills.  This series of workshops will explore ways for both generations to come together and apply competent leadership principles to understand each other and lead their companies and businesses toward becoming relevant and profitable in this ever-changing era.
*Each workshop approved for 2.75 hours of HRCI general credit.

Workshop #1 – Principle-Led Leadership in the New Millennium*

What are the qualities of great leaders, and can those qualities be found in your leadership?  This workshop will outline a description of the 5 Qualities that can be found in genuine leaders both in history and today, as well as a set of 6 principles through which all leadership decisions should be funneled. Come to a meeting of the minds and stop shooting from the hip in your leadership! Allow a set of principles to guide your leadership toward competency and relevancy!

Meets: Wednesday, Feb 18, 1-4 pm; BRCC Plecker Center
Instructor: Don Taylor
Fee: $119 (#66141)

Workshop #2 – Personality-Based Leadership in the New Millennium*

One of the great myths of the modern era is that you can lead all direct reports the same way – “consistency is the key and motivation will follow.” It sounds good in theory, but not all people respond the same way to leadership and not all direct reports are motivated in the same way.  All of us come with a very specific set of tools for perceiving the world, and the best leaders know their own personality and its effects on others, as well as what appeals to personalities that are different from their own. Learn how to adapt your leadership style to the personality style of those who view the world just a bit different from you as the leader.

Meets: Wednesday, Feb 25, 1-4 pm; BRCC Plecker Center
Instructor: Don Taylor
Fee: $119 (#66144)

Workshop #3 – Motivation in the New Millennium*

Many leaders are still hanging onto the traditional idea that the carrot and the stick (bonus and punishment) are all that is needed to motivate employees and direct reports. However, new science has been published that these old methods only achieve very short-lived results.  Sustainable motivation doesn’t rely on extrinsic reward and punishment, but appeals to internal drivers instead. When these internal needs are fulfilled direct reports stay motivated over a sustainable period of time. Come learn the key secrets to a long-term motivated workforce.

Meets: Wednesday, Mar 18, 1-4 pm; BRCC Plecker Center
Instructor: Don Taylor
Fee: $119 (#66145)

Workshop #4 – Supervision in the New Millennium*

Are you a supervisor or a micromanager? Do your younger employees seem to chafe under your management? Is it them? Is it you? Should you crack the whip or simply bribe for results?  Explore ideas that are sure to help supervision to become less about you as the supervisor and more about a partnership of people working for the same goals. Learn to have dialogues and ask the right questions to make the supervision responsibilities less of a headache and more of a partnership.

Meets: Wednesday, Mar 25, 1-4 pm; BRCC Plecker Center
Instructor: Don Taylor
Fee: $119 (#66151)

Take the entire workshop series (#65441) for only $385…nearly a 20% savings off of the individual workshop price!



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