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Continuing Education

Home & Garden

Backyard Poultry for Beginners NEW        

Thinking about raising your own chickens?  This class provides answers to all your questions about how to get started, including: what breed will work best within your environment and needs; raising chicks verses grown chickens; egg laying; rooster or no rooster; housing; free ranging; and much more.

Meets: Two Wednesdays, Mar 18-25, 6:30-8:30 pm; BRCC Plecker Center
Instructor: Tim Byrd
Fee: $59 (#65118)

Beekeeping:  Getting Started          

Learn about honeybee colony characteristics, required equipment, management techniques and practices, and honeybee disease and parasitic mites. With the honeybee population depleting nationwide, this timely class offers instruction on becoming a successful beekeeper and doing your part to replenish the hive. Time allocated for bee yard hands-on experiences in addition to scheduled classes.
Meets: Six Mondays, Jan 26-Mar 2, 6:30-9 pm; BRCC Plecker Center
Instructor: Fred Hollen
Fee: $119 (#65121)

Beekeeping: The Next Step

You’ve taken a ‘getting started’ beekeeping class or you’ve just started a hive.  Now you’re ready for more information, and we have just the class for you!  Through discussions and demonstrations you will cover a wide range of topics, including Diseases and Treatments; Queen Rearing, Splits, Colony Division, and Re-queening; Harvesting, Extracting, Bottling, and Comb Honey Production; and Swarms, Traps, and Bee Removals.

Meets: Six Mondays, Mar 16-Apr 20, 6:30-9 pm; BRCC Plecker Center
Instructor: Fred Hollen
Fee: $119 (#65128)

Craft Beers 101: “What’s an IPA?” 

A primer on the rapidly-expanding craft beer industry for food service managers, bar managers, and bartenders, this course is open to beer enthusiasts as well. Equip your staff to respond knowledgeably to customer inquiries about craft beers.

Meets: One Friday, Apr 17, 2-4 pm; Queen City Brewing, 834 Spring Hill Rd, Staunton
Instructor: Dominic Cannuli
Fee: $119; Optional $7.95 tasting fee payable to Queen City Brewing (#65489)

Introduction to Brewing 

Designed for home brewers, craft beer enthusiasts, aspiring craft brewers, or anyone else interested in fine beer, this course is both a lecture and hands-on introduction to the science of brewing beer. Not only that, but at the conclusion of the course you will also take home what you brew so you can impress your family and friends!

Meets: Two Saturdays, Feb 28 & Mar 28, 9 am to noon; Queen City Brewing, 834 Spring Hill Rd, Staunton
Instructor: Dominic Cannuli
Fee: $149; Bring $70 brewery fee payable to Queen City Brewing to first class (#65488)

Ducks in a Row: Getting Your Affairs in Order 

The best gift you can leave your loved ones is an organized estate at your journey’s end. In this informative and interesting class, you will learn how to address important matters that can save you and your family lots of time, money, and extra work. Discussions include options for preparing a will, organizing family memorabilia, burial/cremation preferences, distribution of belongings, financial planning, and much more! Bring $30 to first class for materials, including two books.

Meets: Three Thursdays, Mar 19-Apr2, 6:30-8:30 pm; BRCC Plecker Center
Instructor: Mary Ann Stripling
Fee: $75 (#65135)

Garde Manger: The Art of Creative Food Garnishing

Want to learn how to make your everyday fruits and vegetables into fascinating works of art?  Get your kids to enjoy eating fruits and vegetables that are mini works of art.  Wow your friends and family with table centerpieces or a crafty cut side dish. In this innovative class, you will never be told not to play with your food!

Meets: Two Tuesdays, Mar 24-31, 6:30-8:30 pm; BRCC Plecker Center
Instructor: Judy Jordan
Fee: $65 (#65136)


Get ready to garden! This fun and informative class covers topics in organic and raised bed gardening. You’ll also learn how to create a forest garden, edible landscaping for your yard, and a container garden. Take part in discussions about soil science, PH, permaculture, sustainable plantings, NPK and chemical fertilizers, as well as pesticides and herbicides, and much more!

Meets: Four Tuesdays, Mar 10-31, 6:30-8:30 pm; BRCC Plecker Center 
Instructor: Tim Byrd
Fee: $69 (#65139)

Herbal Living: Exploring Herbs & Spices     

Interested in jazzing up your menus? Learn how, where, and when to find and grow various herbs and spices, and then how to use them to season and marinate your dishes with delicious results. Explore the properties of herbs and spices, and discover the many health benefits of incorporating them into everyday living.

Meets: Six Wednesdays, Apr 8-May 13, 6:30-8:30 pm; BRCC Plecker Center
Instructor: Judy Jordan
Fee: $109 (#65163)


Self-sufficiency is trending now. Discover the benefits of growing your own food, raising your own animals, building active solar applications, and even making soap! Save money and rain water and do it yourself!

Meets: Six Wednesdays, Jan 28-Mar 4, 6:30-8:30 pm; BRCC Plecker Center
Instructor: Tim Byrd
Fee: $89 (#65171)

Landscape and Design             

Learn the elements and principles of landscape design!  Subjects include low impact and sustainable landscapes, soil science, plant selection and care, as well as new construction and retro-scaping practices. 

Meets: Four Thursdays, Apr 9-30, 6:30-8:30 pm; BRCC Plecker Center
Instructor: Tim Byrd
Fee: $69 (#65173)

Simple Gourmet Saucing     

Have you ever wondered how the fancy restaurants make those delicious sauces for your favorite entrees? This zesty class will show you how to make any meal a gourmet experience.  Learn five basic sauces to take your culinary creativity to a new level.

Meets: Six Tuesdays, Feb 3-Mar 10, 6:30-8 pm; BRCC Plecker Center
Instructor: Judy Jordan
Fee: $89 (#65174)


Online Classes

Homeschool with Success

Discover how to homeschool your children in a way that ensures they get what they need both academically and socially.
$99.  Visit to register.

Introduction to Interior Design

Explore a career in interior design as you learn how to transform any room into a beautiful and functional space. 
$99.  Visit to register.

Learn to Buy and Sell on eBay

Auction pros teach you how to work from home or earn extra income by buying and selling goods online.
$99.  Visit to register.

Luscious, Low-Fat, Lighting Quick Meals

Join a registered dietitian and discover how easy it can be to prepare meals that are both delicious and nutritious! 
$99.  Visit to register.

Start Your Own Edible Garden

Learn how to grow delicious, nutritious fruit and vegetables in your own backyard.
$99.  Visit to register.