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Continuing Education

Customer Service

Customer Service Institute

Designed for mid- to upper-level managers, this four-week institute is the same Achieve Global ™ training Fortune 500 companies use! Focus on powerful relationship-building communication skills to provide outstanding experiences for new and existing customers. 

Meets: Wednesdays, 6:30 – 8:30 pm 
Instructor: AchieveGlobal™ Corporate Trainer Don Taylor.
Fee: $125 per course, or enroll in the entire series for only $449!
(#15844) Jul 2-23

Achieving Stellar Service

Did you know that roughly 80% of your non-repeat customers were actually satisfied with the service you gave?  This proves it takes more than just doing your job to keep customers coming back. You must reach for the stellar service your customers expect. Learn how to create loyal customers and get them to refer others to your business. 
(#15845) July 2, BRCC Plecker Center

Dazzling Your Customers 

Do your customers feel valued and special to you every single time they interact with your business? They should. And if they do, they will come back time after time and tell many other people about you and your business.  Learn specific strategies for dazzling your customers without compromising your standards or giving the business away. Learn little things you can do to spot opportunities to give a little more to customers than they expect - be the business that exceeds expectations! 
(#15846) July 9, BRCC Plecker Center

Caring for Your Customers

Do you care about your customers?  You’d better or someone else will - and that is who will get their business.  The workshop walks you through a 4-step process to make sure your customers know you care about them.  Learn to connect with your customer on a human level, not just as a business model. 
(#15847) July 16, BRCC Plecker Center

Healing Customer Relationships

When customers are disappointed or angry, you need to act quickly to regain their trust and confidence.  Actually, research shows that a mistake or dropped ball provides a unique opportunity to create a loyal customer for life.  We’ll explore strategies to H.E.A.L. customer relationships and create extremely loyal customers who brag about you all over town! 
(#15848) July 23, BRCC Plecker Center

Online Classes

Customer Service Fundamentals

Become indispensable to any organization by understanding how to identify and meet customer needs.
$99.  Visit to register.

Interpersonal Communication

Become aware of the conscious and unconscious codes of meaning we send when communicating with others.
$99. Visit to register.

Keys to Effective Communication

Lost for words? Don't be! Learn to build rapport, trust, warmth, and respect through conversation.
$99. Visit to register.

Professional Sales Skills

Discover how to begin a successful and rewarding career in sales.
$99. Visit to register.