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Continuing Education

Learning Can Be FunLearning Can Be Fun (LCBF) Summer Youth Program
(rising grades K-12)

Nature, Science, and Technology

Adventures in Waterway Biology (rising grades 4-6)

This daylong class will be a blending of our "Water Adventure Week" activities (rafting, tubing, waterfall hike & swim, swimming holes, lake day) with hands-on learning lead by a staff naturalist each day. Some of our learning experiences will include fish sampling and identification by the Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries, net sampling and identification of river critters, water quality testing, and general ecology studies.
22143  $350
M-F, June 15-19, 9 am-4 pm
BRCC Weyers Cave – Fine Arts Center – V Building, Room V208
Instructor: Derek Young or Outdoor Adventure Experiences staff

All About Dinosaurs (rising grades 2-4) NEW

Dinosaurs were amazing creatures. Step back into the past and explore with us! Get a glimpse of the animals that used to roam our planet. In this class, you will learn about numerous types and what they used to do. You will make crafts and even become an archaeologist and dig up some bones. Dinosaurs may be extinct, but they are still alive and well in our imagination.
22209  $139
M-F, June 22-26, 1-4 pm
BRCC Weyers Cave – Room D100
Instructor: Sallie E. Livick

Building a Computer from Parts (rising grades 6-9) NEW

Build a complete computer while learning about digital concepts, number systems and codes, logical operations, parts of a computer system, and the basic concept of an operating system.
22210  $139
M-F, June 22-26, 1-4 pm
BRCC Weyers Cave – T Building, Room T210
Instructor: Mark Fitzgerald

Introduction to Robotics (rising grades 2-5)

Have you ever watched a robot and wondered how it works?  Using electronics, you can help build a real working robot arm.  You will be amazed at all the interesting stuff you will learn in this course! It makes a great introduction before moving on to Lego robotics.
22204; M-F, June 15-19, 9 am-Noon $139
22221; M-F, July 6-10, 9 am-Noon
22571; M-F, July 20-24, 1-4 pm
BRCC Weyers Cave – T Building, Room T210
Instructor: Jim Richerson

Lego Robotics (rising grades 3-6)

You will be introduced to building and programming robots using the LEGO Mindstorms Robotic Invention System.  Work in teams to construct a robot and control it using a computer. Watch the robot move about, react, and make sounds based on your own programming.
22169; M-F, June 15-19, 1-4 pm  $139
22230; M-F, July 6-10, 1-4 pm
22236; M-F, July 13-17, 9 am-Noon
22308; M-F, July 20-24, 9 am-Noon
Instructor: Mike Wampole
22191; M-F, June 22-26, 9 am-Noon
22302; M-F, July 13-17, 1-4 pm
Instructor: Jim Richerson
BRCC Weyers Cave – T Building, Room T210

Open the Door, Let’s Explore! (rising grades 1-3)

Did you know that science is more than facts and figures, errors and experiments?  It can be really, really fun!  You will create milk rainbows, make bubble prints, map out constellations and more.  So if you think there is nothing to do on those long summer days, then this class is for you, because it's all about summer!
22312  $139
M-F, July 20-24, 9 am-Noon
BRCC Weyers Cave – Room TBD
Instructor: Sandra Carter

What Makes Animals Tick (rising grades 5-8)

Do you like animals and want to know more about them?  Take this opportunity to explore the animal world, both small and large, and discover what makes them tick.  You will spend time in the lab, vet clinic, and BRCC barn learning animal care, behavior, and what makes animals sick and how to heal them. Learn more than you ever imagined about the animal kingdom.
25204; M-F, July 20-24, 9 am – Noon  $159
25205; M-F, July 20-24, 1-4 pm
BRCC Weyers Cave – B Building, Room B114
Instructor: Beth Robertson