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Continuing Education

Learning Can Be FunLearning Can Be Fun (LCBF) Summer Youth Program
(rising grades K-12)

Culture, History, Language, & Literature

Baker’s Dozen (rising grades 1-3) NEW

What happens when we combine literature, music, and cooking?  Fun, fun, fun!  You will explore thirteen stories, poems, and nursery rhymes represented through painting, singing, acting, and cooking.  Let’s discover what really happens when you give a moose a muffin, a pig a pancake, and a mouse a cookie! Caution: Students will be exposed to flour, milk, nuts, etc.
19604  $129
M-F, July 21-25, 1-4 pm
BRCC Weyers Cave – Fine Arts Center, Room V205
Instructor: Julie Foster

Exciting Creative Writing! (rising grades 4-6)

Here is a great opportunity for you to create some of the most exciting, funny, thrilling, imaginative, and completely original stories! Through brainstorming, outlining, idea mapping, picture charting, group forums, and other fun class activities, you will spend the week coming up with the most interesting ideas, created completely by your own imagination! You will explore writing adventure, action, thrillers, mysteries, science fiction, and comedy in completely original ways. This class meets in a computer lab and art room, so you will have the opportunity to type out your stories and also create illustrations OR cut-out designs for your masterpieces. You will compile all your original stories in a master portfolio to show parents, family, and friends on Friday!
19587   $129 
M-F, July 14-18, 9 am-Noon
BRCC Weyers Cave – Plecker Center, Room P100
Instructor:  Matthew Grandpre’

Exciting Script Writing for Movies and Plays! (rising grades 5-8) NEW

Calling all young creative playwrights and those who would love to create their own movies, this class is for you! Not only will you be participating in activities like “Dynamite Action”, “Showdown” & “Take 5 Deadline”, you will also have the opportunity to develop back-story, technical effects, acting/staging directions, and excellent character dialogue. By Friday, you will be able to read and perform scenes from your original play or movie! This is a wonderfully collaborative workshop in which all students work together to create awesome entertainment from scratch. Although you may not create an entire script, you will have the core scenes and ideas needed to finish a masterpiece that may even make it to the stage or big screen someday!
19594  $129
M-F, July 7-11, 1-4 pm
BRCC Weyers Cave – Plecker Center, Room P100
Instructor – Matthew Grandpre’

It’s Greek to Me! (rising grades 4-6) 

In this class you will discover the rich and mysterious culture of one of the world's most important civilizations.  You'll do more than just listen to stories of gods and goddesses, the Olympic games, or contributions to science and medicine.  You will create your own Greek food, jewelry, clothing, toys and games in this "hands-on" class designed to explore 4000 years of Greek history.
18318  $129
M-F, June 16-20, 9 am-Noon
BRCC Weyers Cave – E Building, Room E106
Instructor: Sandra Carter

Kids America (rising grades 2-4)

Every generation of Americans is unique, having its own styles, fads, attitudes and inventions.  In this fun class, you'll discover things kids have done throughout history that are considered "American".  You will explore bits and pieces of America's past that are fun to know--crafts, games, toys, and ideas.  You'll make time capsules, autograph books, yarn dolls, piggy banks, and sock puppets.  You'll create your own brand of truly American collage art, get sticky fingers making popcorn balls, and even try your hand at whittling!
18495  $129
M-F, June 23-27, 9am-Noon
BRCC Weyers Cave – E Building, Room E106
Instructor: Sandra Carter

Kids Around the Globe (rising grades 1-3) NEW

Meet children from around the world through stories, holiday traditions, food, and art!  By doing fun activities, like playing with their toys and building models of their homes, you will discover how you compare to kids in other countries.  Come join the fun and see how kids around the world live, eat, play, and learn.
19596  $129
M-F, July 14-18, 1-4 pm
BRCC Weyers Cave – J Building, Room J102
Instructor:  Diane Kester

Public Speaking without Fear (rising grades 7-12) NEW

Are you afraid to speak in public or talk with those you hardly know? If so, here is some good news! By the end of the week, you will have the skills you need to speak in front of a group as well as carry on engaging conversations confidently. Specific areas include exploring how to stand, dress, and establish eye contact with your audience, discovering how to recognize verbal pauses and tone of voice, and practicing enunciation to be understood better.  In addition, you will take away tips on listening, responding, and starting engaging conversations. Top it off with secrets to reading anyone’s body language, and you will be ready to wow an audience, your family and friends.
18490  $129
M-F, June 16-20, 1-4 pm
BRCC Weyers Cave – E Building, Room E110
Instructor:  Larry Dawson

Quilt Your Story (rising grades 2-4) NEW

Story quilting is a combination of storytelling, history, and quilt making.  Using paint, assorted papers, and fabric, you will create a quilt of your own!  You will first write a story about a special time you had with family, or about a place that is important to you, and then you will translate that tale into pictures for your quilt. Come join us in this fascinating class and discover the art form of the story quilt! 
19602   $129
M-F, July 21-25, 9 am-Noon
BRCC Weyers Cave – E Building, Room E106
Instructor:  Sandra Carter

See It, Say It, Sing It, Sign It (rising grades K-1)

Do you like to let your imagination run wild?  Using familiar stories, you will paint props, sing crazy related songs, learn signs and then act out specific parts, all as a fun way to tell the story to your family and friends!  This will be an active, hands-on class geared toward developing a love for storytelling and literacy favorites.
19591  $129
M-F, July 14-18, 9am-Noon
BRCC Weyers Cave – J Building, Room J102
Instructor:  Julie Foster

Storytime (rising grades K-5)

Bring a bag lunch and spend an hour with us in storytime!  You will hear different stories each day and even have time for a fun art activity!
18381; M-F, June 16-20, 12-1 pm   $29
18518; M-F, June 23-27, 12-1 pm
18541; M-F, July 7-11, 12-1 pm
19593; M-F, July 14-18, 12-1 pm
19603; M-F, July 21-25, 12-1 pm
BRCC Weyers Cave – Fine Arts Center, Room V208
Instructor:  Connie Medaris

Through the Wardrobe (rising grades 4-6) NEW

In this exciting new class, you can journey into Narnia, one of the most famous mythical lands in children's literature, by way of storytelling, drama, crafts and more.  Whether you are a longtime fan of C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, or will be discovering it for the first time, you will love being transported into magical Narnia!
19597  $129
M-F, July 14-18, 1-4 pm
BRCC Weyers Cave – Fine Arts Center, Room V205
Instructor:  John Tindall

Tom-Toms, Totem Poles and Tepees (rising grades 1-3)

Learn to dye fabric just like Native Americans did using flowers, berries, seeds and other natural materials … then weave it into a wall-hanging complete with beads and feathers.  Help build a totem pole, paint with sand, learn some Indian games and songs, and spend time in a real tepee.  You’ll do this and more as we explore an exciting part of our country’s history based on daily life experiences of Native Americans.
18537  $129
M-F, July 7-11, 9 am-Noon
BRCC Weyers Cave – E Building, Room E106
Instructor:  Sandra Carter