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Continuing Education

Learning Can Be FunLearning Can Be Fun (LCBF) Summer Youth Program
(rising grades K-12)

Pathways to Careers

Crime Scene Investigation & Forensics (rising grades 7-12)

Ever wonder how forensic scientists "really" help solve crimes?  In this class you will learn how forensic scientists find out "who dunnit."  Did the Butler do it?  This lab-based, hands-on course will include latent fingerprint processing using black, gray, magnetic and fluorescent powders, as well as DNA search & collection, crime scene practical exercise, and much more.  You will also have the opportunity to search for and properly recover suspected DNA and Trace materials using high-intensity lights.
Several “real” police cases will be discussed and the week will culminate with a mock crime scene investigation in which you will work together in teams and present your results from the crime scene processing to the class.
18492  $259
M-F, June 23-27, 9 am – 4 pm
BRCC Weyers Cave – Criminal Justice Training Academy, Forensics Lab
Instructor:  Darrell Zook

Industrial Robotics (rising grades 9-12) NEW

In this class we will cover the mechanical functionality and programming basics that are a necessary foundation for all industrial robotics.  We will be using a Fanuc LR arm robot.
18297  $149
M-F, June 16-20, 9 am-Noon
BRCC Weyers Cave – T Building, Room TBD
Instructor:  Bryan Bailey

Let’s Animate with Flash! (rising grades 7-12)

Discover the art of animation!  In this fascinating class, you will learn how to make objects move across the screen.  If you can draw, even better; however, even without drawing skills you can begin to make shapes and simple stick figures move.  The key is to let the computer do most of the work for you.  You will learn a bit of computer programming using ActionScript, so the User will be able to interact with your animation.  Have the User guess numbers or names; make choices on what to do next; or just surprise the User with the next event!  It will be up to you - the creator of the action!
18546  $129
M-F, July 7-11, 9am-Noon
BRCC Weyers Cave – Plecker Center, Room P100
Instructor: Len Klein

Pre-Veterinary Technology (rising grades 9-12)

Interested in veterinary medicine?  Explore the veterinary world and learn the roles of the veterinarian, veterinary technician and veterinary assistant.  Learn the basics of animal handling, operation of a veterinary hospital, and common medical problems of animals.  Meet a variety of animals in a veterinary clinic setting under the guidance of an experienced veterinarian and veterinary technician.
20089   $149
M-F, July 14-18, 1-4 pm
BRCC Weyers Cave – B Building, Room B114
Instructor:  Dr. Nikki Clayton