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Continuing Education


Online Classes         

Introduction to Programming

Take your first steps toward a career as a computer programmer as you master basic programming concepts and get hands-on practice in writing applications containing GUIs, sound, and graphics.
$99.  Visit to register.

Introduction to Visual Basic

Learn how to write code for Windows applications using the Visual Basic programming language and development environment.
$99.  Visit to register.

Intermediate Visual Basic

Gain in-demand VB skills writing sophisticated Windows programs that access and modify business databases.
$99.  Visit to register.

Introduction to PHP and MySQL

Learn how to create dynamic, interactive Web sites using PHP and a MySQL database server.
$99.  Visit to register.

Intermediate PHP and MySQL

Learn how to create a dynamic, interactive online store using advanced PHP techniques and a MySQL database server.
$99.  Visit to register.

C++ for the Absolute Beginner

Learn to program in C++, even if you have no prior programming experience!
$99.  Visit to register.

Intermediate C# Programming

Learn to write Graphical User Interface programs in the C# Programming Language.
$99.  Visit to register.

Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5

Learn to use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and Web APIs to create cross-platform mobile apps and mashups.
$99.  Visit to register.

Mac, iPhone, and iPad Programming

Learn to create Mac, iPhone, and iPad apps and programs using Objective-C and the Xcode compiler.
$99.  Visit to register.

How to Get Started in Game Development

Take steps toward a new career in game development by building a foundation to design games in a wide variety of genres for different audiences and platforms.
$99.  Visit to register.

Online Certificate Program

Video Game Design & Development  

Using a comprehensive and analytical approach to game engine architectures, this program teaches you how to effectively design and develop games. (500 hrs.)
$1995.  Visit to register.