2015 Commencement Info for Graduates


Due to limited space, only graduates will be allowed in the robing/lineup areas. Direct family and friends to the guest seating area. As there is no secure place to store purses, cameras, etc., during the ceremony, please leave these items with your guests.

Line Up and Procession

After you line up, you will be given a name card. Be sure you take the name card with you when you march in.

At 9:45 a.m. sharp, after being lined up, you will be led to your seat.

Presentation of Candidates

The program will progress until the President asks for the candidates to be presented. The Vice President of Instruction and Student Services will ask the candidates to come forward in the following order: 

  1. Associate of Arts & Sciences Degree candidates
  2. Associate  of Science Degree candidates
  3. Associate of Applied Science Degree candidates
  4. Diploma, Certificate, Career Studies Certificate candidates

Procedure for Receiving Diploma

When your category is called, move out of your seats to the right, in the order in which you entered. Go to the podium at the foot of the platform/stage and hand your name card to the Dean. Wait for your name to be called. When called, go across the stage to the President; shake his hand and receive your degree. Return to your seat and be seated. After you are seated, move the tassel on your cap from the right to the left side.

If you are not sure of the category in which you fall, please contact the Registrar at 453-2217 in the Admissions and Records Office prior to graduation.

Note: May graduates will receive the official diploma in the mail.


The organist will play the recessional and everyone will leave in reverse order of the way that they entered.  Recessional order:

  1. President
  2. Platform party
  3. Board
  4. Faculty
  5. Graduates.

Good Luck and Congratulations!