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In fulfilling our mission, the College is guided by the following values:


  • promoting outstanding teaching and learning;
  • delivering challenging and rigorous academic programs;
  • encouraging life-long learning, including scholarly activity and professional development;
  • emphasizing general education that is broad based and not bounded by discipline;
  • advocating free exchange of ideas and beliefs; and
  • providing educational access.


  • encouraging initiative and innovation;
  • rewarding exemplary achievement;
  • expecting personal responsibility;
  • evaluating and improving effectiveness; and
  • creating innovative support services.

Community Relationships

  • anticipating and responding to community needs;
  • enhancing educational programs through community partnerships;
  • collaborating with other educational institutions and organizations;
  • providing opportunities for the intellectual growth and enrichment of the community; and
  • expecting active participation in community service.


  • embracing the challenge of change;
  • encouraging a welcoming atmosphere that nurtures inclusion and respect;
  • maintaining a governance structure that ensures shared decision-making;
  • promoting transparent and effective communication at all levels;
  • fostering the development and practice of leadership;
  • modeling integrity and ethical behavior; and
  • providing an attractive, accessible, and functional environment for learning and working.