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Network and Workstation Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) covers Network and Workstation Services


College faculty, staff and students.


Blue Ridge Community College’s computing and communications environment will support the information technology requirements related to the College’s mission and the attainment of its goals. This will be accomplished through the use of a compatible information technology environment that utilizes proven technology and is cost effective.

Services Covered

Institutional Computing Services (ICS) will provide:

  1. network and operations support,
  2. Help Desk support,
  3. installation and repair,
  4. vendor management, and
  5. modification and maintenance of the network infrastructure.

Service Goals

Our goal is to manage technology resources to maintain a 98% availability of college hardware and software systems during coverage hours. (This 98% availability applies to all components housed within and under the direct control of ICS at Blue Ridge Community College. Outages of VCCS Information Technology Services (ITS) based resources - e.g., PeopleSoft, Blackboard, Google Apps, AIS, E-mail servers- are beyond immediate ICS management control and are not covered in this agreement.)



Help Desk - (540) 453-2327
Manager - (540) 453-2525
E-mail –


Help Desk – (540) 453-2219
Manager – (540) 453-2510
E-mail –

Dean, Institutional Computing Services – (540) 453-2260

Coverage Hours

Institutional Computing Services offers support to faculty/staff 7:15 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 7:15 a.m to 5:00 p.m. on Friday.  ICS offers support to students through the student computing lab, F110. The student computing lab is open when classes are in session during the fall, spring and summer semesters. The hours are:

  • Monday – Thursday 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
  • Friday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  • Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  • Sunday 1:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Environments Supported

All computers and peripherals that were purchased with approval of ICS are supported. Computers originally purchased as standalone machines that do not conform to the published standards will remain standalone.

All telecommunications and network equipment is supported by ICS.

All software applications, databases and file server components that have been installed by ICS.

Method for Requesting Services


In order for ICS to meet the needs of all users, all problem reports, computer related questions, requests for computer services, etc., must be directed to the Help Desk. You may contact us by calling 453-2327 or by E-mailing If possible, the first level Help Desk technician that receives your call will handle your request. If additional information or assistance is needed, an ICS service ticket will be opened and escalated to the appropriate support personnel.


Students may contact the Student Help Desk by calling 453-2219, E-mailing, or by asking the assistants in the F-110 student computing lab.

Support Levels

  • Level-1 Help Desk Support Technician
  • Level-2 Desktop Support Technician or appropriate personnel
  • Level-3 Network Support or Applications Support Technician or appropriate personnel
  • Level-4 VCCS ITS, Vendor Technician/Engineer or appropriate personnel

Web Support

Computing @ BRCC

Network and Workstation Services

Tier One Services

Services in Tier One would include all workstations, peripherals and software applications that perform mission critical functions and are widely used by the entire campus community. ICS will have multiple personnel thoroughly trained in order to offer the depth of support required even under adverse conditions.

Applications: (listed alphabetically)

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF document reader)
  • Blackboard
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (Internet browser)
  • Microsoft Office 2010 – Word, Excel, FrontPage
  • PeopleSoft (Web Client)
  • Outlook Web Access (used to access E-mail when off campus)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (operating systems)
  • Virus Scanning Software

Hardware components operational allowing:

  • Local server connectivity (Microsoft )
  • Internet connectivity for mission critical applications
  • Ability to run Tier One Applications
  • Ability to print to a networked printer

Tier One Support

Level-1 Support Cycle Time

  • 75% resolved at initial call
  • 75% resolved or assigned < 2 hours

Tier Two Services

These are applications and hardware that are necessary for departments to perform specific mission critical duties, but are not widely used by the entire campus. Limited expertise can be provided. Depth of expertise is usually limited to one or possibly two ICS personnel. Assistance in working with user and vendor technical support can be provided as needed.

Applications: (listed alphabetically)

  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF document writer)
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking (used by Disability Services)
  • Ed Connect (used by Financial Aid)
  • Electronic Data Exchange (used by Financial Aid)
  • FASER (energy software used by B&G)
  • Hummingbird HostExplorer (allows mainframe access)
  • JAWS (used by Disability Services)
  • Lab Applications
  • Microsoft Office 2010 – Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook

Hardware components operational allowing:

  • Local server connectivity (Microsoft)
  • Internet connectivity
  • Ability to run Tier Two Applications

Tier Two Support

Level-2 Support Cycle Time

  • 50% resolved within 8 hours of assignment
    75% evaluated, prioritized, or resolved within 24 hours of assignment

Tier Three Services

These are applications and hardware that some departments/personnel use to perform certain duties. Under some conditions, the college may offer and support a similar package in higher tier levels, but a different package is preferred by the user and installed at their own risk. Primary support for these applications and hardware is the responsibility of the person using/owning them. Adhering to manufacturer’s licensing agreement is also the responsibility of the installer. These applications will also have to be re-installed if and when the client’s PC is reimaged by ICS.

Applications: (listed alphabetically)

  • Cisco VPN Client
  • Home installations
  • Linux (operating system)
  • Outside Groups who reserve BRCC classrooms for software seminars

Hardware components considered in Tier Three:

  • Campus PCs purchased as standalone PCs – supported by department in which PC resides
  • Home PCs – supported by owner of PC
  • Hardware components that are not within the supported ICS standard
  • Hardware components purchased without ICS approval.

Tier Three Support

Level-3 Support Cycle Time

  • 75% resolved within 7 days of assignment
  • 75% resolved within 10 days of assignment
  • 75% resolved within 14 days of assignment

Customer Satisfaction

Customers will be surveyed periodically.